Eccentric Engineer book launch


Buses, Bankers and the Beer of Revenge: an Eccentric Engineer Collection is the first book to come from E&T magazine. Justin Pollard (left in the picture) has been writing his Eccentric Engineer column for E&T for five years now and this book brings his witty and surprising pieces together in one volume in time for Christmas 2012. The launch is today at Savoy Place, the IET’s home building in London. E&T features editor Vitali Vitaliev (right in the picture) commissioned the original columns from Justin and planned the book. I can’t claim to have done much on it beyond putting my name to a foreword but we’re all proud of it. Buy it from the E&T webshop,¬†Amazon and other booksellers.¬†Containing fifty unlikely but true stories, from Roman turbines and Greek computers to cars made out of beans and aircraft carriers made of ice.

Justin Pollard and Vitali Vitaliev at book launch


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