6 tips for tiny data visualisations on mobiles

  1. Less is More. What information really has to be there for sense? Is it clear? Does the reader have to work to get it?
  2. Think vertically. Horizontal space is precious
  3. Complicated graphics are still worth it. But you will have to do it differently for mobile
  4. If you’re working with a graphics team talk to them early, with a quick description of the concept to visualise, and with any relevant data you already have.
  5. If you’re working with charting tools, think vertically, beware of over-labelling and create several charts if one is going to be a mess.
  6. If you’re not working with either of those, try chart blocks, RAWGraphics or other tools available online.
    From Colleen McEnaney, graphics editor of the Wall Street Journal, speaking at News:Rewired today.

Martin Stabe, head of FT interactive news, added his three priorities for data visualisations:

  1. Responsive – has to work across different devices
  2. Timeliness – automate updates
  3. Interactivity. To be avoided if you can do without it

Reduce clicks – encourage scrolling, even use the ‘rhetorical scroll’ to, for example, emphasise scale.

The session was moderated by John Crowley, Editor-in-Chief of IBT

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